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When it comes to the future of the travel industry, innovation leads the way. We spend over US$1bn a year on research and development, which delivers greater efficiencies, better customer service and more growth for your travel agency. Innovation is spread all over our business, whether it’s exploring new possibilities, enhancing our platform or creating an incubation programme. Our continued innovation and desire to improve the digital travel experience has led to a recent partnership with Google – helping to accelerate their digital transformation.

Exploring possibility

Sabre Labs are driving tomorrow’s travel technology – our dedicated travel lab focuses on innovation. Formed to develop new products and solutions, like Artificial Intelligence. Sabre Labs strives to make the future real for our clients and their customers. Watch our video to find out more.

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Showcasing the future with our innovation hub

The Sabre innovation hub displays some of the latest travel technology concepts we’re developing – from facial recognition check-in to preference-driven air shopping. Take a peek at the next wave of innovation to power the travel industry…

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Find out what’s hot in the travel industry with our curated collection of expert views, data, research and industry outlooks. If it’s travel or technology related, then our team are there. They’re digging behind the headline and looking at how it will change your travel industry.

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