Introducing Sabre Travel AI ™

Partnering with Google to accelerate innovation

Sabre Travel AI ™ is a next-generation technology created for the travel industry, as part of Sabre and Google’s
strategic innovation framework. It will enable customers to use the latest artificial intelligence technology
in order to take their retailing and customer strategies to the next level.

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Business Innovation

Business possibilities with Sabre Travel AI ™ are new and exciting, with future application
planned across pricing, revenue optimization, offer management, NDC, direct and indirect distribution,
order management and enterprise operations.

Technical Empowerment

We expect that Sabre customers will be able to seamlessly integrate their own solutions with Sabre Travel AI ™
to create true differentiation in the marketplace. This practical approach takes the risk out of adopting
AI-based strategies and puts tried-and-tested tools in the hands of developers to capitalize on time to market.

> Industry insights and data
> Expertise in operations research
> End-to-end solutions portfolio
> Experience in the travel industry

> Scalable, extensible cloud platform
> Proven Machine Learning /
Artificial Intelligence
> Commitment to travel space

Game-changing innovation that helps your business

Deliver the right
at the right time
across all channels

Drive higher
traveler conversion


Increase customer value and strengthen

Increase revenue
and margin growth

Manage costs
through intelligent

Seamlessly integrate
your proprietary solutions with Sabre Travel AI ™

 Sabre Travel AI ™ perfectly represents Google Cloud’s strategic vision to partner deeply with thought leaders in industry verticals to utilize Google Cloud’s innovative technologies to transform and create industry firsts. 

Rob Enslin

President of Google Cloud

Read more in the press release

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