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Follow these helpful links to stay up-to-date with the latest information and industry news on the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that these are external links and Sabre takes no responsibility for the information contained.

News and updates

Read the latest news and updates about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on the aviation industry.

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Reports and articles

Below we have curated reports and articles to help provide more information on the COVID-19 impact for our industry.

 Article  Publisher  Date
 Government Financial Aid for Airlines  IATA  5/26/20
 Effects of Novel Coronavirus (COVID‐19) on Civil Aviation: Economic Impact Analysis  ICAO  5/26/20
 Europe's Airline Capacity Begins Slow Climb  CAPA  5/23/20
 The Future of Travel in the Covid Era  Bloomberg  5/22/20
 How Chinese Travelers Are Thinking About Their First Trip After COVID-19  McKinsey  5/14/20
 Outlook For Air Travel in the Next 5 Years  IATA  5/13/20
 Air Passenger Market Analysis – March  IATA  04/29/20
 Boeing CEO Addresses Aerospace Market Realities  Boeing  04/29/20
 Airline Business Confidence Index: April 2020 Survey  IATA  04/29/20
 COVID - 19 Related Travel Restrictions – A Global Review for Tourism  World Tourism Organization  04/28/20
 Effects of Coronavirus on Civil Aviation: Economic Impact Analysis  ICAO  04/28/20
 Capacity is Starting to Rebuild, Have We Reached the Bottom Yet?  OAG  04/27/20
 Coronavirus: Airlines Brace for Impact  McKinsey & Company  04/22/20

Industry webinars

Here you will find a brief list of the upcoming travel industry webinars dedicated to sharing insights on the COVID-19 situation.

 Webinar  Host  Date
 Aviation and COVID-19: The Next 3 Months  Aviation Week  05/29/20
 COVID-19 and Air Travel – Breaking Out of Lockdown (Europe & North America)  OAG  05/27/20
 COVID-19 and Air Travel – Breaking Out of Lockdown (Asia)  OAG  05/27/20
 Travel’s Path Forward: Travel PR  Skift  Recorded
 The New Normal: The Changing Face of Aviation Post COVID-19  World Aviation Festival  Recorded
 Digital Tourism: The New Marketing Playbook in The New Normal  WTM  Recorded
 Strategies for the post-covid19 future of airline travel retail and f&b – Asia  World Aviation Festival  Recorded
 Covid-19 and Air Travel #3: Airports at The Ready  OAG  Recorded
 Covid-19: What Hope for Aviation and Aerospace?  FlightGlobal  Recorded
 European Tourism and Coronavirus: 2020 losses and Potential Recovery  WTM  Recorded