Allow Waivers On Booked Tickets

Allow Waivers On Booked Tickets

Tips to quickly manage flight changes

With call centers being overloaded with requests, it's critical for you to quickly go to market with updated policies around flight change and cancellation fees. Sabre can automate the process of waiving fees for previously booked tickets:


  • Quickly override pricing rules with the Automated Exchanges and Refunds Web Service to automatically waive change and cancellation fees for all flights (cannot restrict based on any rules including dates, origin, etc.) in your network.

  • Guide and control GDS channel actions with an ad-hoc solution for travel agencies where carriers define waiver dates and scenarios and provide waiver codes to the agency for select passengers.


  • Expedite mass changes to reservations or flight details with SabreSonic Robotic Solutions, developed in less than a week and executed by Sabre on behalf of the airline.

  • Easily communicate waiver rules to airline agents and travel agencies, tailored by audience, with Intelligence Exchange Managed services.

  • Decrease manual workarounds and improve customer service by enabling Refunds of Non-refundable EMDs to override the NOREF setting.

Contact your account director to learn more about automating and streamlining your fee waiver process across channels.