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Sabre solutions enable airlines to quickly and efficiently reaccommodate passengers amid COVID-19

As airlines across the globe began updating schedules and cancelling flights amid the COVID-19 crisis, Sabre partnered with several carriers to ensure passengers were reaccommodated as efficiently as possible:

 Alaska Airlines  Aeromexico  Virgin Australia
 Ethiopian Airlines  Alitalia  Aeroflot
 LATAM  Etihad
 WestJet  JetBlue

COVID-19 Challenges:

Given the considerable volume of flight changes, it was crucial they optimize and automate the process of rebooking the unprecedented volume of disrupted passengers while minimizing the airline’s costs.

Responding quickly to ensure reaccommodation:

Through its seamless integrations with Sabre Schedule Manager and Sabre Movement Manager, the Sabre IROPS Reaccommodation solution was able to centralize recovery efforts to help airlines manage through COVID-19 and transport passengers to their intended destinations. The Sabre Delivery and Development teams were on hand to partner with the eleven airlines currently leveraging the premium version of the solution.

The Results: Reaccommodation at scale

Sabre’s IROPS Reaccommodation solution rescheduled over a half million Passenger Name Records (PNRs) in March 2020, compared to just over 123,000 in 2019, a 326% increase. This equates to an estimated 6,500 flights and over a million unique passengers rebooked. As Summer Stokes, Sabre Solution Manager for Service Recovery & Seats states, “The new IRPOS Reaccomodation GUI was able to process PNRs quickly and efficiently, allowing airlines to more easily reaccommodate passengers amid the chaotic situation that resulted from COVID-19.”