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Eastern Airlines partners with
Radixx to repatriate citizens

COVID-19 Challenges:

Radixx customer, Eastern Airlines, was contracted by the United States government to repatriate citizens from Latin American countries as COVID-19 continued to spread within the region.

As a result, the airline needed to add several routes (city pairs) that were not on its original schedule. Additionally, Eastern needed to prepare all the information for its sales channels given it doesn’t have global call centers, and passengers needed to input their information via their website.

 NAME:  Eastern Airlines
 FOUNDED:  2019
 BUSINESS MODEL:  Low Cost Carrier / Charter

“Where there is a need and there is capacity, we’re going to do what we can to get people home… the intent of these flights is to give an opportunity for Americans to come home to their families and their loved ones.” - Steve Harfst, President and CEO, Eastern Airlines as interviewed by the Miami Herald

Radixx technology enables relief flights:

In this urgent and critical situation, the Radixx Customer Care desk, together with experts from Radixx ezyCommerce and Radixx Delivery, worked together with Eastern Airlines to add all the flights and information as quickly as possible. The process was repeated several times for each country Eastern was asked to support.

The results: Reuniting stranded citizens

Eastern’s broad-body airplanes have flown into new areas such as Guyana; Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Guatemala City, Guatemala; and Guayaquil, Ecuador to repatriate Americans. Eastern also operated relief flights from Suriname and Argentina. In all instances, the planes are flying in empty and flying out with Americans and permanent residents.

Radixx’s ezyCommerce technology has allowed Eastern to continue to coordinate with the State Department, embassies in the local areas, and foreign governments to obtain the needed permits and scheduled the number of dictated flights.