Manage Re-Bookings

Manage Massive Re-Bookings

Tips to manage cancellations

With the huge number of cancellations your airline has experienced, boosting frontline agent productivity during massive re-books is critical. Here are some ways Sabre can help:


  • Investigate multiple reaccommodation scenarios with in-depth what-if analysis inside IROPS Reaccommodation.

  • Automate the re-booking process and seamlessly automate re-seating and the re-association of all seat, tickets and ancillaries using IROPS Reaccommodation.

  • Automate defined schedule changes while prioritizing passengers based on their tier and loyalty status with Schedule Change.

  • Trigger automatic traveler communications based on re-booking (schedule change or IROPS Reaccommodation) using Sabre Custom Messaging.

  • Automate exchanges/refunds of coupons with Automated Exchanges and Refunds and quickly see whether coupons have been fully used or unused.

  • Once customers are reaccommodated, Ancillary Reaccommodation Utility helps to speed up the synchronization of agent tickets and ancillaries.


  • Ensure your online storefront supports additional merchandising, loyalty and payment options and scales to higher volumes of exchanges and refunds with a Digital Experience System Readiness Review.

  • Automatically change the status of a cancelled flight from HK to UN leveraging Intelligence Exchange services that prevent unnecessary emails being sent to customers and avoid GDS costs.

  • Fast track your implementation of Self-service Reaccommodation via Digital Experience to empower customers and immediately reduce calls to your call center.

  • Improve communication of COVID-19 impacts to travelers through trip notification improvements in Sabre Traveler Communication.

Contact your account director to learn more about immediate benefits to help automate and streamline the re-booking process.