Price In A Constrained Environment

Operate With Reduced Staffing

Options to reduce staff workload

Reduced staffing due to sickness and furloughs can put pressure on the day-to-day running of an airline's operations. See how solution features and temporary activations can help relieve this pressure:


  • Fully automated flight plan creation with Flight Plan Manager to reduce the workload on dispatch staff.

  • Reduce operations workload with pilot-initiated flight plan changes and calculations using eFlight Manager.

  • Access Operations Communication Manager remotely to maintain fleet awareness for remote workers during irregular operations.

  • Stay on top of flight irregularities through tailored alerting in Flight Explorer.

  • Crew Access Mobile can be temporarily activated for most Sabre crew systems to support change notifications for crew members, freeing up crew scheduling staff.

  • Offload functions from airport controllers to other employees by activating Staff Connect.

  • Provide real-time messaging to employees and view feedback on employee task execution by activating Task Connect.


  • Utilize augmented back office resources within Sabre’s Crew Control roster support service bureau to support roster publishing and pre-operations crew activities.

  • Supplement flight back office operations with support in maintaining flight data changes through Flight Plan Manager company data maintenance.

  • Deploy efficient staff rostering through Sabre’s Airport Staff Rostering service bureau, designed to supplement existing staff to set up and admin airport tools.

  • Quickly resolve flight changes with Sabre’s Recovery Managers Ops service bureau that supports tactical planning (tail assignments, fleet assignments and reduced operations).

  • Improve dispatcher productivity to support operations with reduced staffing with a Flight Plan Manager dispatcher productivity and automation review.

  • Support OCCs with reduced staffing through Movement Manager services to assist with what-if scenario creation while running multiple changes from Schedule Manager immediately.

Contact your account director to learn more about how Sabre can support your operations during this critical phase.