Price In A Constrained Environment

Price In A Constrained Environment

Hints for pricing in dynamic conditions

Pricing is a strategic lever that can be used to help isolate long-term impacts of the disruption. Sabre can help your airline stimulate demand while keeping a close eye on competitive and market-level changes:


  • Adjust your overall revenue management strategy to accommodate for filing new, more flexible fares, relaxing penalties and defining new fare offers.

  • Use Revenue Optimizer to develop new practices to isolate impacts of COVID-19 by excluding certain data, changing flight identifier parameters, adjusting seasonality and updating business rules.

  • Adapt to rapidly changing government mandates with Fares Manager.

  • Quickly implement short-term pricing strategies and establish automated business rules in Fares Manager to execute mass fare adjustments that align with competitors and partners.

  • Keeping a close eye on the competition and ensure accurate price positioning with Dynamic Availability.


  • Supplement your revenue management team by utilizing Sabre experts to manage inventory on flights during the disruption period.

Contact your account director to understand how these best practices might be beneficial to your airline.