Restart With Efficient Operations

Re-start With Efficient Operations

New ways to optimize airline operations

Restarting your airline's operations will come with its own set of challenges. See how you can be more efficient managing your aircraft and crew assignments:


  • Fully automated flight plan creation that comply with the latest international NOTAMs using Flight Plan Manager.

  • Tailored alerts with Flight Explorer for diversions, holding, route deviations and more to stay on top of irregularities.

  • Recovery Manager Ops can be temporarily enabled for Movement Manager customers to assist with tactical planning of tail and fleet assignments.

  • Optimize aircraft utilization and assist with re-positioning of aircraft and back-filing flights from retired fleets with Recovery Manager Ops.

  • Utilize crew planning professional services to provide new manpower planning requirements or optimized crew pairing solutions when ramping up operations and deciding how many crew to be recalled from furlough.

  • Utilize airport staff professional services to identify staff requirements for ground handling as airlines gradually ramp up operations.


  • Prepare to resume normal flight operations with Flight Plan Manager Pre-Flight Check by verifying system alerts and readiness.

  • Deploy efficient staff rostering through Sabre’s Airport Staff Rostering service bureau, designed to supplement existing staff to set up and admin airport tools.

  • Quickly resolve flight changes with Sabre’s Recovery Manager Ops service bureau that supports tactical planning (tail assignments, fleet assignments and reduced operations).

  • Consider automating decisions about crew planning and tracking with Sabre’s Crew Legality Support service.

  • Develop new Food and Beverage policies with alternate scenarios for rapidly changing in-flight services, routing changes and fleet sizes through In-flight Scheduling Change Management services.

Contact your account director to discover how Sabre can help your airlines optimize its aircraft and crew for more efficient operations.