Streamline Compensations and Refunds

Streamline Compensations and Refunds

Options to manage service credits

Streamlined compensation tools can help your airline by automating the complex process of defining, issuing and tracking service credits. Sabre has multiple options to help simplify your workflow:


  • Configure compensation levels and store or manage credits to purchase future airline tickets and ancillaries inside Travel Bank.

  • Keep future revenues in-house through Travel Bank accounts based on multiple criteria such as frequent flier status.

  • Increase goodwill with customers through bulk crediting Travel Bank accounts.

  • Improve refund options with Travel Bank via Interact.

  • Automatically deny boarding and over-sale compensation funds issued on eVouchers with EMD eVouchers, a solution with no technical dependencies.

  • Leverage Intelligence Exchange (IX), to combine data from multiple commercial and operational systems to identify flights, PNRs and EMDs matching specific criteria to execute automatic refunds or vouchers.

  • Generate custom, ad-hoc reports based on near real-time data in the PSS on topics such as stranded passengers using IX reporting.

  • Manage cashflows and commissions to travel agencies with Agency Manager to lower impact due to travel agency business fluctuations.

  • Reduce manual processing and errors and input customized forms of payment and remarks with Refund Processing Robotic (Qik).

Contact your account director to learn more about which options might be right for your airline.